Investment Principals

  • To maximize the investment returns of the fund, while deliberately minimazing industry specific risks by portfolio diversification.
  • To prioritize projects on modernization and technical re-equipment of leading, first of all basic sectors of the economy.
  • To increase the return on investments, by providing expertise and support to our partners.
  • To invest in the projects, which contribute to the economical and financial prosperity of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Sultanate of Oman.

Core Values*


  • Knowledge of the Law. Our Investment Team and Legal Department¬† take careful and deliberate steps in drafting investment agreements. Each clause of the contract correspond to legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Independence and Objectivity. Our Investment Team use reasonable judgment and care in maintaining independence and objectivity in our professional activities. We do not offer, solicit, or accept any gifts, benefits, or compensations that reasonably could be expected to impact our independence and objectivity in investment decision.

Duties to Shareholders

  • Loyalty, Prudence, and Care. Our Investment Team have a duty of loyalty to our Shareholders. We act for the benefit of our shareholders and place their interests before management's and our own interests.
  • Suitability. Our Investment Team make reasonable inquiry to determine that an investment is suitable to our shareholders written objectives, mandates and constraints before making investment recommendation.

Investment Analysis and Recommendations

  • Dillegence. Our Investment Team Exercise diligence, independence, and thoroughness in analyzing investments, making investment recommendations, and taking investment actions.
  • Reasonable Basis. Our Investment Team always make reasonable and adequate basis, supported by appropriate research and investigation, for any investment analysis, recommendation, or action. The Investment Team distinguish between fact and opinion in the presentation of investment analysis and recommendations.

Duties to Partners

  • Preservation of Confidentiality. The Investment Team keep information about current, former, and prospective clients confidential, unless the partner permits disclosure of the information.
  • Communication with Partners. Disclose to partners format and general principals of the investment agreement and term sheet. Make reasonable judgement in identifying that all of the clauses, especially financial ones, are comprehended by partners correctly.
*The core values of UOIC are inspired by and taken from the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of CFA Institute. (CFA Institute, 2014) UIOC does not pretend to the copyrights ownership of the statements above. All the copyrights belong to CFA Institute.